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Update 12/01/2021

Camera Projects

DogmanCams Project is a partnership between our technology company and private property owners with various cryptid activity. This partnership allows you, our subscribers, to monitor active sites from the comfort of your home for a small monthly fee. 

ParaTech Development

ParaTech has been around since Attila von Szalay first recorded what he believed to be the voice of a dead person in 1941. As technology has grown so has the ability to document evidence. Our proprietary apps will soon be available to all members of this website

The Mission

Our mission: Fundamentally disrupt the existing beliefs about Cryptozoology by strategically partnering with field researchers and eyewitness creating incentives that generate real evidence.  

DogmanCams.com is what happens when great minds come together with the intention of solving a problem.

Dark Waters

Host: Dark Waters Radio, Paranormal Investigator & Storyteller

As an active field researcher, I'm excited to be apart of this project. The stated goal is to get answers and evidence.

Lon Stickler
Lon Strickler


Insane Development: Game-Changing Tech That will change how people view the woods forever is forthcoming

Brian C.

Developer: Facial Recognition, CSS, BlockChain Development