Live Cameras

Greetings Members: As we stated in the email we are now giving you direct access to the camera's. Please understand that with 100's of people watching the batteries will run dead quickly. So if you see that a camera is less than 15% let it charge via the solar panel for at least one day. Yes we can send someone out to change a battery however these are real dogman and bigfoot locations. So we ask that you do not put our team members in unnecessary danger. Below are the images of the UID for each camera. You can use the alarm on any camera except the Florida Camera as it is attached to some one's home. If you decide to abuse the alarm and turn it on at all times of night we will be forced to simply remove that camera and cancel that contract.

Download the Reolink app and use the codes below.
For Phone users, download on Google Play Store

Louisiana Camera

Louisiana Cam


Flordia Camera

Fort Pierce Florida Cam
Password: DogCam99$$

Taylor Camera

Taylor Mississippi Cam
Password: DogCam99$$

115 thoughts on “Live Cameras”

  1. Can someone please get back to me, no one ever gets back to my messages, this is going to be awesome once it starts working, and I do want it, but I feel as a paying customer, someone should reach out to my messages.
    Thank you

    1. Hey buddy literal everyone is working on part of this to get it done, no worries. What’s up I see what I can do…to answer your question. Until John Bell Gets online. It’s Dark Waters…what can I do

      1. Hi James (DW ) SO happy to hear from you, I don’t know if you remember me Phyllis from Massachusetts, I’ve been with you just about from the beginning.
        Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly.
        It’s always nice to hear from you.
        Stay safe and God Bless!!!!

  2. Warning××××× This is the first time running automation live. We are seeing errors in the script live time and fixing so this may go back down. xxxx But this is the longest its been able to run with a human clicking buttons.

  3. Has anyone else noticed the lights in the upper left hand corner? They went out not to long ago. I wonder the lights were the result of a home over there or not. Someone should find out.

    1. When they’re live the quality is great! They’ve been posting live streams on YouTube occasionally. They did one today. Did you see the one from today? DW said the camera in Taylor, Mississippi should be live on Tuesday. I know it’s frustrating that the cameras aren’t live here. Some times they are. Take care hopefully din they’ll be live and we can catch something on screen!

  4. Hi John how do I update my payment info? My payment didn’t go thru so I wanted to let you know to put it thru again on the Mastercard. Please let me know the update.
    Carryl Edwards

  5. That’s what I thought it was eye shine I know they can climb if u ever heard of the land between the lakes story in the 80s about the family who was killed and the daughter in the tree

          1. Why cant you see the time move? Also can you choose what cam to watch like when you guys first started the cams?

            Thank you!

  6. Live cameras? What happened to the other 2 cameras? Time Eastern standard time is 1038pm 1 hour ahead of central standard time. Not what it’s showing on these posts. Are you aware of this John Bell?

      1. I just saw your msg I’ll email you the photo. It’s a screen shot so you’ll need to enlarge but you can see the light from the eyes

  7. Hey John above your arrow what is that? It looks just like what I got in the screen shot. Do you think they have a guard in the tree? It’s in the same place every time but the intensity of what looks like eye shine does fluctuate.

  8. Are there problems with the cameras tonight? It doesn’t go to live stream. How everyone is having a great night. Happy Holidays everyone.

  9. Taylor Camera is up but GoDaddy is not sending out the alert email. We will stream as soon as that email goes out. Unless you here now please comment

  10. Alright now ! the famous Taylor Mississippi creepy woods. Okay DW I need you go wipe the camera lens off 😂 Dogman said he will smile for the camera and take a selfie with you .

  11. So I take it all came are off line right now? Wouldn’t it be best for the cams to be running through the night since the majority of these beings are mainly active at night?

  12. Are the cameras charging? Not getting any Live feed. I hope they go live soon in excited to see the Taylor one. I just looked over my emails and apparently I missed when the Taylor one was live. Not sure why I didn’t see the email. Oh well stay safe out there.

  13. Is it just me but are the dates and times off on people replies? If so can someone fix it so that the date and time that people are posting is correct? Its throwing me off.

  14. VETT I think the cameras are on an automatic time and it can’t be changed as far as I know. I’m as confused as you are. I just don’t pay attention to it anymore. Have the cameras been live at all for you? I haven’t had live camera action since Saturday.

    1. @Carryledwards. I guess I need to start ignoring the wrong date and time also. No I haven’t seen the cameras live since last Saturday either.

      1. I went when you told me, it wasn’t in very long. It went from Taylor, Mississippi to Florida. Florida had a few eye shines and weird lights. In Mississippi I’d tend to think there might be paranormal things there. If it comes in tonight I’ll email you Palmer96

  15. On the Florida camera it looks like there is a truck parked inside the tree line on the far left. I saw something there last night but I’m thinking it was probably the truck.

  16. Anyone see the truck lights on just a few minutes ago? I don’t know if someone is hunting or what? Does Bo know what’s going on? HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE 🥂🎉! Hope 2021 will be a safer and much happier year for everyone.

  17. There is a truck parked in the tree line left of the split tree. You can see the light on inside the cab. Is Bo going to charge the battery soon?

  18. For reasons varied, I either can’t get the camera click-ons to work, or they are not live. Basically, I’m paying for something I can’t use. This isn’t working for me. Love you guys and the idea, but cannot see cameras anymore.

  19. Ladies and Gents! I emailed John Bell and he told me that they are no longer streaming the cameras on here, he said we all have to download whats called Reolink App to see the cameras. Type in the ULD number associated with the camera you want to watch, thanks.

  20. I understand you’re waiting for the cameras to charge but if it’s DOGMAN that’s messing with the cameras and not people running the batteries down. We really need to fix how they’re charging. Maybe their location is in a spot that the sun can’t reach the solar panels. I’m here for the duration but it’s been a long time since Florida was charged. Isn’t Blue charging that camera? Please update the members. We’re really not sure who it is that is the right person to ask. Stay safe out there!

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