Do Your Own Research. There are plenty informative sources available for you to learn more about Dogman and other Cryptids. In an effort to make this easy for you we have compiled a list of individuals who we deem credible in the field.

Linda Godfrey: Author, Field Researcher

Joedy Cook : Author, Field Researcher ( NADP)

Deandre Doss: Field Researcher ( BDRP )

Vic Cundiff: Pod-caster ( Dogman Encounters)

Wes Germer: Pod-caster ( Sasquatch Chronicles)

Dark Waters: Author, Researcher, Narrator

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  1. I clicked on CAMS after joining but it didn’t take me to any camera feeds or pic. Just a message relaying I have to join first. Please advise. R, Your new subscriber CM

  2. Hello I have logged in why am I not able to see the live video feeds? I would love to go out with you guys. I am set up for hunting activities, please contact me.

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